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Culinary Sights to See in Philadelphia

June 13, 2013

Highlights in Philadelphia to Visit During the Art of Catering Food

Note: This map will be updated in the two months before the conference. Check back for more sights to see!

Transforming Your On-Premise Venue

May 6, 2013
One Ballroom, One Million Looks

When you work with an on-premise venue-- whether it's a hotel ballroom, conference center, mansion or banquet center-- you can't remodel every time the trends change. You have to work with what you've got, even when couples are begging for unique touches to their weddings.

Wedding Wonderland
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By Word of Mouth in Johannesburg, South Africa, brought indoor glitz to an outdoor wedding reception with an array of crystal and subtly monochromatic décor.

Longwood Gardens

Catering in one of the world’s greatest outdoor spaces

Iconic Venues

The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island offer a unique experience

Caterers and Clubs

The right contract can be a hole in one

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